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To promote international cultural art exchange, the Caroline Victoria Arts Foundation (CVCAF), a 501c3 non-profit foundation, is pleased to announce its participation at the Beijing International Fine Art Fair (BIFAF) to be held at the Beijing Exhibition Center from October 9 – 12, 2014.  The CVCAF will be exhibiting seven Alexandre Renoir (donated) oil paintings as part of a collection of works by Pierre-Auguste Renoir and the Renoir family’s collections of the Barbizon School of 19th century art.

Since 2011, as part of the CVCAF’s art outreach program, our foundation gifts art supplies and other art related materials to two schools in China:

–       the Dandelion Middle School, Beijing, the only boarding school for children of rural migrant laborers; and

–       Guanyindang Primary School, Jingzhou, in affiliation with Viking River Cruises, Woodland Hills, CA.

It’s a constant struggle for these schools to find funds to afford necessary supplies.  Dandelion and Guanyindang are dedicated to offering their students the opportunity to experience the joy of creating Art, and greatly need our help to ensure they succeed.

The CVCAF is dedicated to supporting and nurturing student visual artists, painters, filmmakers, poets and photographers to create work which will help to stimulate their own artistic vision while creating inspiration for others.

During the past year, our philanthropic efforts include:

–       donating nine art scholarships (through endowments) to various elementary, high school and university students in the US and Canada;

–       donating funding to schools and junior college art programs;

–       contributing to Mobil Film Classroom, a digital media production studio-on-wheels that travels throughout Los Angeles County to bring digital media instruction to at-risk and under-served youth; and

–       donating to art outreach programs for students in Canada (First Nations) and China.

We invite you to become a part of our arts community by making a gift in any amount to the CVCAF.  Your donation will directly support our goal toward becoming a self-sustaining organization that nurtures the creative spirit in our young artists!

Thomas Coldicutt, Board Chair

CVC Arts Foundation

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