The Art of Helping Student Artists

All of us involved with the Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Arts Foundation (CVCAF) would like to offer a heart-felt thank you to the many wonderful people and organizations for contributing and supporting our arts foundation. Because of your generous donations, the CVCAF has gifted over 70+ scholarships and awards to our talented student artists as well as funded over $70,000 in art outreach education programs with partner schools and organizations in underserved communities.

We love celebrating our student artists’ efforts and achievements!

Maya, a visual arts major at Idyllwild Arts Academy in Idyllwild, California, explained how the CVCAF scholarship touched her life this year:

“This scholarship has been an absolute gift and blessing to me and my
mother. My mom has currently been working at a part time job, as the
school where she was previously working got shut down because of
financial reasons. A lot of change and loss has come around our family like
the passing of my father, which affected our state of mind and money a lot. 
The school has so many great learning opportunities, and it is such a happy
and motivational environment that I could never get at any other high
school.  My dream as an artist is to improve my overall techniques from
the base of my learning. I hope to be able to make some profit off of my
art work and be more well-known as an artist. My major is visual arts as
it has been my passion to draw and paint. Again, thank you so very much
for giving me this wonderful opportunity. I hope to soak up all of the
valuable information and details here at this wonderful academy.”

We are very proud of Maya and our other student scholarship recipients!
Their love and passion for art, music, photography, film and/or dance inspires us and continually stirs our hearts toward assisting these amazing kids on their creative paths.

Ways you can help:

We hope you will continue to support our efforts to nurture the spirit of aspiring student artists!

Have a blessed New Year!
With gratitude,

Elizabeth Wood Coldicutt, President
CVC Arts Foundation

Our mailing address is:
73550 Alessandro Dr., Suite 201
Palm Desert, CA  92260
(T) 760.773.0278 (F) 760.773.0478

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