CVCAF Announces 2 Art Award Recipients at Palm Valley School


Rancho Mirage, CA – June 6, 2014 – The Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Arts Foundation (CVCAF) today announced that the annual Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Art Awards will be granted to Cody Coleman, a junior,  and Sydney Scheck, an 8th grader.

“Two Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Art Awards are given each year to an upper school and middle school student at Palm Valley School who exhibit outstanding talent in fine art,” said Elizabeth Wood Coldicutt, president of the CVCAF.  “We are pleased to honor Sydney and Coleman for their dedication and talent as artists.”

According to Rafael McGrew, Palm Valley art instructor, “Sydney loves art, it applies to her meticulous nature. She’s a complete perfectionist and is never done or happy with a piece unless it is just right. Just in the eighth grade, Sydney is drawing and seeing better than some of my junior artists. She is a brilliant draftsman and technician of the arts. Her concepts are strong and execution stronger. Sydney plans on majoring in the arts hoping someday to be an art director. I applaud her efforts and encourage her every step of the way.”

June06_Sydney Ballerina by Sydney Scheck

 The CVCAF’s second art award recipient at Palm Valley is Cody Coleman.  Cody is the quintessential fine artist. If not with his clothes or style, Cody is always exploring and experimenting with different texture, color, mediums and concepts. He’s very prolific and abandons many pieces to only come back later to find the beauty and create engaging art. He has found his voice in art and is ready to create a wonderful cohesive portfolio for AP studio art submission next year. He is a leading example to his peers in class and out of class.

June06_FacesCody Faces by Cody Coleman

         The CVCAF Art award is paid annually from an endowment that was established at Palm Valley in March, 2004. The annual art awards are based on merit as well as financial need and is in recognition of two Palm Valley School recipients outstanding achievement in any creative form – fine art, music, film, photography and dance.

The purpose of the CVCAF scholarship awards are to inspire students to reach their highest level of achievement in their art discipline and to encourage and support student artists toward their creative endeavors.  Since 2006, our foundation has gifted more than 50 art scholarships to students whose passion is painting and fine arts at these schools:

  • Emily Carr University, Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Idyllwild Arts Academy, Idyllwild, CA
  • Palm Valley School, Rancho Mirage, CA
  • Shawnigan Lake School, Vancouver, Island, British Columbia
  • The Academy, Palm Desert, CA
  • Since 2009, CVCAF has gifted several grants to benefit students whose passion is filmmaking through the Mary Pickford Institute of Film Education and Mobile Film to provide digital media instruction to under-served youth in Los Angeles County
  • To foster cross-cultural awareness and understanding through art, since 2011 the CVCAF has provided funds for art materials and supplies to two schools in China –  Guanyindang Primary School in the suburbs of Jingzhou, China and the Dandelion School, a boarding school for children of rural migrant laborers located in Beijing. 

 About the Caroline Victoria Arts Foundation

The Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Arts Foundation (CVCAF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation formed in 2006 to commemorate the artistic passion of Caroline Victoria Coldicutt.  The CVCAF offers three main initiatives to inform and assist aspiring student artists about how they can implement their creative ideas that can positively impact their families, schools, communities and the world.  Our philanthropic efforts include offering support to young artists through scholarships at various schools in Canada and the United States.  The Caroline Victoria Rose for the Arts provides funding of our endowment initiatives as well as provides a lasting reminder of the beauty art brings to the lives of each and every one of us.  In 2014, we will introduce our Caroline Victoria Online Arts Festival (CVOAF), an initiative designed for student artists without boundaries.  For more information about CVCAF or to make a donation, please visit

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