CVCAF Announces Gift for Filmmaking Bootcamp at Aviva Center and High School


Rancho Mirage, CA – September 12, 2011 – The Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Arts Foundation (CVCAF) today announced a gift of $1,000 toward the Mary Pickford Institute’s Filmmaking Bootcamp for foster kids at Aviva Center and High School in Hollywood, CA.

The Mary Pickford Institute (MPI) is dedicated to empowering young women in the spirit and legacy of Mary Pickford.  MPI’s Mobile Film Classroom program led a workshop in August with the students of Aviva Center and High School, a residential treatment home and special education high school, located in Hollywood, for abused and neglected adolescent girls.  Due to extreme budget cuts throughout LAUSD, all classes for the month of August at Aviva Center had been cancelled, leaving the girls living in the Aviva residence during the summer without activities.  MPI, with the help of the CVCAF and others, funded the Filmmakers Bootcamp.

“The summer bootcamp was a success,” according to Tom Nelson, teacher at Aviva High School.  ”The kids were fired up and have such a positive attitude.  Amazing!”

The MPI’s Mobile Film Classroom program provided the tools and guidance that allowed these young women to build their self-confidence and filmmaking skills.  Through the process of working together in small production teams, they created short films about an issue that mattered to them while developing skills in collaboration and teamwork, critical thinking, storytelling, filming and video editing.

According to Elizabeth Wood Coldicutt, President of the CVCAF, “We are thrilled to participate in the effort of supporting and teaching these young girls that through film, they have a voice worthy of being heard, and we applaud the Mary Pickford Institute and their Mobile Film Classroom programs as they truly are making a difference.”

About the Caroline Victoria Arts Foundation

The Caroline Victoria Coldicutt Arts Foundation (CVCAF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation formed in 2006 to commemorate the artistic passion of Caroline Victoria Coldicutt.  The CVCAF offers three main initiatives to inform and assist aspiring student artists about how they can implement their creative ideas that can positively impact their families, schools, communities and the world. Our philanthropic efforts include offering support to young artists through scholarships at various schools in Canada and the United States.  The Caroline Victoria Rose for the Arts provides funding of our endowment initiatives as well as provides a lasting reminder of the beauty art brings to the lives of each and every one of us.  In late 2011, we will introduce our Caroline Victoria Online Arts Festival (CVOAF), an initiative designed for student artists without boundaries.

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